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IVR - Interactive Voice Response

IVR is now a technology available to every business. With TraiTel's powerful IVR solution, you can customize how calls are handled from the moment they come in. You can answer incoming calls with professional audio and queue callers before connecting them to the next available operator with the option of call back, compare that to the days of new sales leads going straight to voicemail.

How does IVR work?

A call comes in to one of your phone numbers and is directed to our IVR engine. According to the menu you create, the call is routed or queued, audio is played, and input is collected from the caller via their telephone keypad. This happens at one of our data centers, and once the calls are routed to a VoIP phone or PSTN phone number, the call is connected to you.

So we don't need to be using VoIP to use TraiTel IVR?

Correct! As a full service telco, TraiTel is in direct contact with real phone lines, you can receive a call to a Real Number, and have that call routed out of our data center to another number on the PSTN (normal phone network).

How complicated is it to set up?

The IVR engine our programmers have created makes setting up your IVR menus a total breeze, gone are the days when you need a PhD to set up a phone system, all you need is a basic level of computer knowledge. Our talented staff are available to provide assistance with set up if required.

What are some of the features of the IVR engine?

What are some of the things that TraiTel customers use IVR for?

Can the TraiTel IVR Make Outbound Calls?

Yes! This can be done with the inbound IVR menu above, where inbound calls can be routed back out again, say for a crisis line with a rotating roster.

Or the IVR menu can be launched remotely via HTTP and make outbound calls. This is called outbound IVR and can be used for example to confirm appointments.

With your IVR subscription you can create both inbound and outbound IVR menus.

Sounds Great. Is It Expensive?

No! The cost is only $54.50 (excl taxes) per month. And with our popular Medium Business IVR package, the IVR system is included free!

Can I see some example TraiTel IVR menus?

Yes! There is a quick guide to TraiTel inbound IVR with a list of the available commands and examples here.

There is a quick guide to TraiTel outbound IVR with screenshots of set up and an example here.

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